About Web Development Training
In this course, students will learn how to design, develop, and manage responsive web and mobile sites and applications using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Sass.

Course outline
This course will help you learn HTML, CSS and to help you step into Front-end development.

Note: The topics covered in this course might get slightly adjusted depending on the cumulative decision made by the candidates who have signed up for the course.

Target Audience
Candidates who aspire to develop web sites or web applications that are desktop and mobile ready.

Open to learn new technologies.

  • HTML
    Laying Out A Page With HTML5
    HTML5 – How We Got Here
    Sections And Articles
    HTML5 Audio And Video
    HTML5 Forms
    HTML5 Web Storage
    HTML5 Canvas
    Integrated APIs
  • CSS
    Working With Selectors
    Text Properties
    Padding, Borders & Margins
    Styling Links, Images, Lists & Tables
    Structures & Layouts
    CSS3 Selectors
    CSS3 Properties
    Transforms Transitions, Animations & User Interfaces
  • Bootstrap
    Bootstrap Typography
    Bootstrap Forms
    Images, Helper Classes, Utilities
    Bootstrap Components
    Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins
  • SASS
    Organizing And Including Sass Code
    Sass Script
    Operations In Sass
    Control Directives And Expressions
    Functions In Sass