About us

Our Origins and Story

Determined path to grow and succeed.

GSA’s aim is to offer latest advances in technology and business in the courses offered through certificate programs and trainings. GSA’s head office is located at Bellamy, Ontario. GSA will offer you a personal college experience close to home. We also offer the guidance and assistance to help you make informed choices about your studies and future career decisions. Parents will appreciate the affordability of GSA with lower tuition and financial aid opportunities.

Individuals with changing career goals will also find exactly what they need at GSA. Our programs and classes serve our students well as they make plans to further their career ambitions. Whether you are just starting the job path you’ve always dreamed of or furthering your education with enhanced skills for future advancement, we’ve got you covered. GSA invites you to browse our website. Information on our many degree, diploma, and certificate programs, as well as class schedules is available for your convenience.


Our Mission

Globe Star Academy’s (GSA) mission is to help individuals, corporations and organizations of all sizes achieve their training, developmental and talent management goals by leveraging GSA’s technology solutions, training resell portal, and management services. We seek to provide a high touch customer experience for all of our technology clients and individual training seekers.

GlobeStar Academy (@ GSA) is comprised of a team of young and dynamic professionals with many years of IT and business experience to cater to the requirements of the clients in North America. We understand the business environment and requirements of the regional, national, as well as global markets, and can easily adapt our products and services to special requirements of the specific company and the market it is located within.

GSA provides total solutions in computer training. Driven by unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic leadership style we are fully focused on providing the best results to our students, giving paramount importance to needs of even the most demanding clients.

At GSA we understand that life moves quickly – circumstances change, new opportunities evolve, and career goals emerge. One of the most important decisions that one makes is which college to attend while continuing their education and creating a career. With expert faculty members, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and hands-on training opportunities, GSA has exactly what you need to put you on the path to career success.